Mission and strategy

Our goal – is to bring the future closer together. Our mission: We work for our customers and with them, offering optimal, simple and modern solutions in the field of construction, design and automation of work processes. In order to find such solutions, we constantly monitor and study the latest developments and trends in the world, working closely with our customers, studying their needs. We are confident that SIS LLC can achieve profitable growth by continuously developing partnerships with its customers, along with social responsibility to the community and its employees. Our values: – Honesty and decency; – Intellect and professionalism; – Technology and innovation; Our Strategy is aimed at introducing the latest technologies in management with the aim of increasing productivity and maximally saving resources.

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С каждым годом предприятие развивается, осваивает новые технологии и наращивает производственные мощности. При всём разнообразии задач, которые решает «СИС», неизменным остается индивидуальный подход к клиентам и всегда ревностное отношение сотрудников компании к качеству своей работы. Девиз “СИС” – «Профессионализм, помноженный на безупречную деловую репутацию».

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System Innovational Service Project

The main task of SIS-Project is the embodiment our Customer`s idea and the creation of a project on which this idea can be implemented. SIS-Project is ready to become your reliable assistant in solving such problems:

  • • Organization and management of design and construction, the control of volume, timing and quality.
  • • Study of technical possibilities for project implementation, equipment`s selection, selection of the best variant of the technological process, evaluation of design solutions.
  • • Comprehensive analysis, development and implementation of technical solutions and effective management systems, personnel training.
  • • Comprehensive development of pre-design, design and survey, design documentation and its individual parts at all the stages of projection.
  • • Preparation and planning, design, construction and reconstruction, operation and dismantling.