Industrial facilities

The implementation of industrial objects always requires double feedback, since such objects are often operated 24/7, without long stops for several years. The safety also plays a very important role, because it is directly related to the personnel safety. SIS Group companies are not afraid of responsibility associated with the implementation of industrial facilities – our team has experience in the implementation of chargeable projects – from design to implementation and even automation.

Intellectual model BF -3. Zaporozhstal

PJSC «Zaporozhstal» is the first enterprise in Ukraine that used the capabilities of an intelligent model for a large industrial facility. This is one of those tools that allowed construction of a blast furnace in 8 months instead of the traditional 14.
The use of automated 3D design systems allowed to solve technical problems, improve the quality and competitiveness of design and estimate documentation, and reduces labor costs by automating labor-intensive processes.
One of the most promising possibility is the further use of the developed model of the object at all stages of its life cycle, namely in the construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning.
The development of an intelligent model for the Blast Furnace-3 for PJSC «Zaporоzhstal» was performed by the SIS team.

Intellectual model of the Gas Cleaning System of Sinter machine No. 1. Zaporozhstal

Система шаззочистки АМ№1
PJSC «Zaporоzhstal» in the process of implementation of the project «Reconstruction of the Blast Furnace No. 3» used the intellectual model and appreciated the advantages of this tool.
In implementing the investment project «Reconstruction of the Gas Cleaning System of Sinter machine No. 1», the intellectual model was used again, as this tool allows to solve technical problems, improve the quality and competitiveness of design and estimate documentation, and reduce labor costs by automating labor-intensive processes.
The development of an intelligent model for the Gas Cleaning System SM No. 1 for PJSC «Zaporоzhstal» was also performed by the SIS team.

Anticorrosion protection of metal structures

Anticorrosive protection of metal is the main problem in deciding the issue of ensuring the durability of metal structures. Under the influence of destructive atmospheric influences and aggressive media, metal structures gradually lose their original appearance and lose their qualities. In such cases, the question of corrosion protection is very acute.
Anti-corrosion coatings provide long-lasting and reliable protection of construction metal structures.
"SIS" specialists have experience in the implementation of this type of work. Rust protection of the metal structure was carried out at the facilities of PJSC "Zaporozhstal", incl. taking into account the need to perform work at height.
Антикоррозийная защита м/к

    Infrastructure, commercial, administrative and housing facilities

    We are engaged in the construction of various facilities: infrastructure, commercial and administrative residential.  Infrastructure facilities are always the face of any city – they should delight residents and visitors of the city, be comfortable, convenient and safe.  SIS Group always strives to be proud to say: we have designed it and we have built it!  Commercial facilities always look like a separate art form.  In addition, the office of the company is its face.  Every day, new trading areas are opened.  It is much nicer to enter a fashionable and modern building.  And to be highly competitive, you need move with the times. We are ready to offer modern solutions and realize your most incredible ideas.  Together we can create something truly amazing!  We carry out our work so that your home is a truly reliable fortress.  This should apply to both housing facilities and administrative buildings of any city – everything should be protected from unpleasant surprises.  Even after decades, it will delight you and your family.  While executing the projects, we use the 3E rule – environmental friendliness, economical efficiency and ergonomics.

    Reconstruction of Festival Square in Zaporozhe 

    For us the project of reconstruction of the Festival Square in Zaporozhe was very important, because it is not just reconstruction, it is socially important project. Because the area is in the center of the city, thousands of people spend their leisure time there. Christmas tree is set up in winter, and in summer municipal events take place there, in addition the square is in front of the Regional Council of Zaporozhe region, and it means we need to comply with. Our team had unique opportunity to implement this design decision. This is a complex solution that involves as an accomplishment, so replacement of communications networks. The square will get a modern look and will be a comfortable place for spending time with residents at any time of day or night.

    Черновик 6
    Черновик 4

    Черновик 5


    Now, the search for alternative energy development options in the industrial, economic and private sectors has become relevant.  After all, it is not only useful for the environment, but also very convenient to use.  One such option is solar power.  Why?  SES is environmental friendliness, high processability and ease of operation!  All you need for the constant operation of the station is sun!

    Our team is pleased to present to your attention a solar electric station (solar plant) in the construction of which we took part!

    The station capacity is 24 MW, which allows to illuminate about a hundred high-rise buildings!  And if you want to build this for yourself, be sure to contact.

    СЭС 1


    Situational command center of Zaporozhe City Council

    In whatever safe area of the city you live, you have seen examples of vandalism (broken benches, broken lamps on lanterns, and upside down trash cans ...) or even worse!

    Our company is glad that it carried out the project within the framework of the state program «Digital Strategy 2017-2020» according to which it is planned to install three thousand cameras, for approximately three years. Our task was to design a building to accommodate the employees of the center, whose goal is to collect and process a large flow of information from installed cameras.


    Общий вид СКЦ

    This is a large-scale project, which included the design of landscaping, the large-scale reconstruction of the building with the replacement of electrical networks, engineering networks, the laying of fire and security alarms, an Internet cable, of course, planning changes, selection, calculation and placement of furniture in the center were made.
    In our opinion this important social project was crowned with success. 


    Ситуационный командный центр 5

    Reconstruction of the park «Jubilee».  Zaporozhe

    What’s better than to landscape the space? Beauty will save the world.

    Look at our work in the Jubilee park; namely it became the beginning of the Khortitskiy district history in Zaporozhe. WE were engaged in the improvement of the park, and it makes us happy that now the residents of the city like to spend time in it.


    Парк Юбилейный

    Reconstruction of Shevchenko Avenue from the Pobeda Street to the Tbilisi Street in Zaporozhe

    Проект реконструкции Бульвара Шевченка. Запорожье

    Zaporozhe is a multicultural city, which strikes its beauty and mesmerizes bright objects of infrastructure. Located in the central part of the city Shevchenko Avenue is one of the most important attractions of Zaporozhe, over the years the Park gained in great popularity not only among local people but also among tourists.

    For us it's always an honor to participate in the design of such iconic locations in the city and this project is no exception. Our team has made maximum efforts to make the residents will enjoy the time spent in this part of town.

    The project was complex; employees of different directions were at work on it, as there will be changes in the accomplishment, the communication networks. It will be better to take a closer look at our model.

    After execution of work, the park will gain beauty and comfort, and we hope will attract tourists to the city.




      One of the directions of SIS LLC is the development and implementation of software. By offering our product, we help our customers optimize processes and achieve better results. We provide a range of software products by type SaaS (Software as a Service):
      -«SIS-SAKURA» automated control system of assets repair management, which is intended for integrated maintenance and
      technical servicing and repair.

      -The automation system “SIS-COMPAS”, the purpose is the comprehensive automation of inventory accounting and optimization of stocks.
      -The automation system “SIS-House” is the automation of maintenance according to the regulations and the maintenance of the current intellectual model of multi-apartment buildings.
      — The automated management system “SIS-ACS” is the automation of cash flows of investment projects and projects of current activities.
      -Security monitoring system “SIS-SECURITY”.
      -Employee control system “SIS-TRACK OF TIME”.
      -Automated control system “SIS-ACS”, which allows you to keep track of projects from Investment Office to logical conclusion, including the stages of project planning and administrative tomorrow.
      — Individual sales record system

      SAKURA — System for automated control of asset repair management

      The system of automated control of the repairs` management of the SIS-SAKURA asset, which is intended for the integrated automation of maintenance and repair.


      Интерактивная карта Стил-Ворк



      The “SIS-IT” team has developed a program that helps people solve such issues:


      SAKURA. Steel Work 4



      System features

      SAKURA. Steel Work 5



      System operation


      SAKURA. Steel Work 6 SAKURA. Steel Work 7

      After implementation, you will be able to see a result that will significantly improve the performance

      SAKURA. Steel Work 8

      COMPASS - The system of automated inventorystocks control. Automated warehouse

      COMPASS  (control and optimization of multicomponent processes of automated warehouses)

      provides operational management of warehouse business processes, such as topology, commodity nomenclature, control of warehouse operations to increase inventory turnover. Automated inventory of goods in a warehouse solves organizational and technological problems of warehouse management. 


      1. To increase the manageability of the warehouse complex

      2. To increase the efficiency of operations with goods and materials

      3. Control of the physical location of goods and materials

      4. Speed up order processing

      5. Warehouse optimization

      The tasks our Customers face

      Compass 7

      Our advantages and how solve warehouse automation tasks

      Compass 3

      Compass 4

      Operation princsple of COMPASS Software

      КОМПАС 2

      1. Upon receipt of commodities and materials on site responsible person for acceptance of commodities and materials with the help of a mobile device (smartphone, tablet), forms an electronic invoice with the input of the actual amount of incoming commodities and materials.
      2. The fact of compliance of the electronic consignment note, commodities and materials that arrived at the site is recorded by electronic signatures of two parties.
      3. After that, an identification label (QR code) is printed out using a portable thermal printer on each batch of commodities and materials / for each ite.
      4.  The material is ready for work, its presence is recorded, all supporting documents are uploaded to the system and available to all participants in the process (accounting, central office, etc.)


      Organization work chart of COMPASS

      Compass 5




      Modern technologies take captive increasingly our life and not everyone will already imagine it without a favorite gadget.  Naturally, the concept of “customer service” has also changed: now customer service takes place not only in its operating environment, but also through a virtual connection.  Thus, the response speed to customers has increased and added variability to the individual mode of work with the consumer.  The SIS team also keeps up to date and presents you the Butler program!

      One house – set of systems

      Butler 2

      Butler 3


      System features



      System operation

      Butler 1